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Tentative Budget–Revenue/Expense for 2022

Tentative Budget—Revenues/Expense—2022— $10,000 Prepared on 1/24/22—By John Phelps, President—“Solutions” 2022 Tentative Budget Download <– Click Here Revenues/Income—Goal–$10,000;   Total—in  RCB Bank—1/24/22–$ 5471.46 (see below) Best estimate of Upcoming GERBS Expenses for…

GREAT ADVICE for Us Retirees/Dependents/Seniors

This is a Re-Post…I found it on my computer desktop. I felt it was worth sharing again–John Phelps Many of us are between 65 & ?—the older generation. My friend…

Solutions Subscribers “Bounced” Email List

Follow These Instructions: TREAT This Information with the Utmost Privacy & Confidentiality! PLEASE Check for Your Name… PLEASE Accept Emails from Solutions Address— Make sure the email above is NOT…

Pension Plan De-Risking Information Webinar–Materials & Video

All Materials & Video of the Webinar can be accessed here– Webinar held on April 7, 2021. PLEASE Watch the Video, & Read the Materials–Well Worth Your Time!! Very Informative…

Social Security Basic Facts 2020

Please click on the .pdf download below to see up to date facts about Social Security Benefits.

Problems Logging In–With Your Login Username and/or Password at Our New Website

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ As we transitioned to the New Website–; we transferred ALL the Users/Members from our Old Website– to our New Website– ; It seems that, on the Transfer of…

“Solutions” Formal Announcement—Friday, October 23, 2020—

A NEW Formal Website & A NEW Endorsed Post-65 Healthcare Plan TODAY—Friday, October 23, 2020—  We Announce the Endorsement of Benistar, Inc—as our Post-65 Healthcare Plan Administrator (Detailed information coming…

Retiree/Dependent Annual Survey–2020–For Mtg. w/GE

For the Annual Retiree Town Hall Meeting with GE–November 5, 2020. NO Names will be used UNLESS Permission is Given! Your Topics/Issues/Concerns/Questions! Let’s Get Hundreds of Responses–Make Your Voice Heard!…

Solutions Organizational Chart

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Benefits of Membership in Your Solutions Group

Financial Reports for the Registered GERBS Membership

Go to this Page-- 2021 Financial Reports

Your GERBS Board of Directors

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

John Phelps

Home: Dunedin, FL  34698
Phone Numbers:
Home- (518) 328-8404
Cell- (518) 409-0441
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Connie Vick

Home: Winfield, KS 67156
(Note: To send Connie personal checks for dues/donations please use the following address: PO Box 521, Winfield, KS67156
Phone Numbers:
Cell- (620) 222-1656
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Charlie Baumgartner
Trustee; Chair--Financial Audits
Assistant Treasurer; Marketing

Home: Farmington, CT 06032
Phone Numbers:
Home- (860) 677-6372
Cell- (703) 863-1432
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Brian Demo
Benefits Advocate; Chair-- Benefits Communications
Rx Help Centers Liason

Home: Arkansas City, KS 67005
Phone Numbers:
Home- (620) 442-6971
Cell- (620) 660-1072
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Bobby Dayhuff
Vice President; Medicare Advantage/Benistar Liason Chair

Home: Gosport, In 47433
Phone Numbers:
Home- (812) 585-3644
Cell- (812) 360-0417
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Betsy Ervin
Secretary; Communications Director

Home: Springboro, OH 45066
Phone Numbers:
Cell- (937) 620-9833
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Rodney Ira
Trustee; Chair--Outreach, Collaborations

Home: Bloomington, IN 47401
Phone Numbers:
Home- (812) 824-4354
Cell- (812) 369-6014
GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Stanley Rice
Trustee; Chair--By-Laws, Elections

Home: Bethlehem, Georgia 30620
Phone Number:
Cell- (678) 469-3720

Solutions Monthly Newsletter (Link Below)

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Fall Meeting-Retiree Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 5, 2020

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

General Membership (GMM) & Board Meeting Sept 18th, 2019

Here is the Video & the Agenda for the General Membership Meeting (GMM) & Board Meeting--

Have to go to Facebook, for now, for this Video--Video Link Below

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