Benistar-GERBS Meeting–Marketing Updates & Anthem Policy Agreement–3/10/2021

In Attendance– John Phelps, Connie Vick, Bob Dayhuff, Glen Anderson, Don Trudeau, Mike Roberts, Paul Szyarto

Marketing Plan–Benistar/GERBS–Revised 3/10/2021– Solutions-Benistar Partnership–Marketing Ideas-Strategies & Assignments–Revised–3-10-2021

Anthem Specimen (Draft) Policy Agreement–for Discussion-Questions & Answers below– Anthem/Empire MediBlue Freedom (PPO) Medicare Advantage Group Agreement

Questions Asked & Discussed-GERBS & Ed Stone– Questions-Concerns on Anthem-Empire Policy Agreement–3-9-21

Minutes of Benistar-GERBS Meeting–Marketing & Policy Agreement Discussion–3-10-21– Minutes of Mtg-3-10-21

Marketing Updates, and the Discussion–Questions & Answer on the Anthem Preliminary Policy AgreementThe  Video of the Benistar-GERBS Meeting on 3-10-2021

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71 Year Old GE Retiree. I live in Dunedin Florida. I am single and I have 2 children--Shelley (NY) & Scott (Virginia), and I have 2 grandchildren-- Evan & Derek (Virginia). I am the President of GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, since 2016.

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