A National Non‑Profit Organization--"Solutions" for GE Retirees & Dependents

Offering Solutions and Advocacy for You and Your Dependents

A National Non‑Profit Organization--"Solutions" for GE Retirees & Dependents

Offering Solutions and Advocacy for You and Your Dependents

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

Helping Our Members to have a Fulfilling Retired Life

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GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

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Mission Statement

Our “Solutions” organization focuses on critical issues that retirees and their dependents face. We work to protect benefits and programs that are critical to our retirement: healthcare, pensions, social security, Medicare, and quality of life. We advocate for retirement security, which we feel we have earned!

We will always challenge those that view retirees/dependents as expendable liabilities, and we will not be ignored. We band together and help each other on our journey through our senior years.

We also offer many “Benefits Solutions” to our retirees and their dependents, with options on prescription, dental, vision, medical plans, as well as other necessary support and wellness programs.


We help retirees/dependents as they prepare for their Medicare benefits and also through the process as they apply for the best plans to support their needs with medical and prescription plans. We provide support when additional information is required and when they need to appeal a process.

We support retirees/dependents through the GE Benefits (OneHR.ge.com) website. There, we have shared information for families, beneficiaries, life insurance, and other topics.

“Paying it forward” is one of our mottos, and we ask all of our members to help each other.

Let GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Help You!

About Us

We have shared an engaging history of our company. Read it today!

DISCLAIMER: Please Read Before Proceeding

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions is where our members can research various health insurance choices and health insurance companies. Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, nothing contained herein constitutes nor is intended to constitute an offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind, or a recommendation to purchase insurance from any particular insurance company at any particular level of benefits.

The choice is always the responsibility of the GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Member, and NOT the GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Organization.

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions intends that the general and insurance specific information contained in this service be accurate and reliable, however, GE Retiree Benefit Solutions makes no representations as to the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the benefits providers web site materials.

Inasmuch, GE Retiree Benefit Solutions does not accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken as a result of using this information. In no event will GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, or any Officer, be liable for any damages, losses, or other expenses arising in connection with this site or use or inability to use thereof by any 3rd party benefit provider, or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omissions, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line system failure, even if GE Retiree Benefit Solutions or any Officer, are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses, or other expenses. GE Retiree Benefit Solutions is not an insurance company. GE Retiree Benefit Solutions is not responsible for payment of any claims a Member may have relating to insurance purchased through the offerings on this site.

Do Not Cancel Any Other In-Force Health Insurance Until
You receive written formal approval of acceptance from the insurance company to which you are applying.

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